Dressed in stripes and sporting a tattoo on its rear tail, Fowl Duck™ is among the clever sports-themed personality driven Rubba Ducks®.  A fun novelty item for any sports fan, the official Rubba Referee can come in handy when you think the wrong call is made… toss him down in frustration, he’ll bounce back… he is afterall a take on the nostalgic rubber duck toy.

Have some fun with the whole flock of sports Rubba Ducks, including: Duckout™ (baseball), Duckerball™ (soccer – GO TEAM USA!), Duckerpuck™ (hockey), Duckskin™ (football), DuckT™ (golf), SlamDuck™  (basketball), and of course DuckFan™!

The raft also includes Duckpin™ (bowling), Duckshine™ (swim), Gogo™ (cheerleader), Hi Ya™  (blackbelt), Duckslope™  (ski),Sumo™  (ahem) and Vollee™  (volleyball).   Each Rubba Duck has their own hatch date and an engaging bio, found on their trading cards, as well as adorned with a tattoo reflecting its personality trait on its tail-feathers.

An iconic toy from yesteryear and today, rubber ducks are among the few toys with “staying power.”   Rubba Ducks® contemporary take on the nostalgic toy come dressed or designed in  dozens of professions, hobbies and interests.

Priced at $14.99 each, Rubba Ducks® are available at  select  retailers across the country and at


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