Now that I am training for my Ironman, the time has come to revamp my diet. Here is a look at my daily meal plan and places where I think I can improve.

Breakfast:My number one diet killer is skipping breakfast. I know, it is the most important meal of the day and studies show that eating in the morning is better for losing and maintaining weight,  but I simply cannot eat first thing in the morning. (I do, however, have my coffee! That is something I cannot live without!) I have been taking baby steps with this and trying to eat something small or having my protein shake.

What I Have Been Eating:

Croissant or toast

Cheerios or Special K

Frozen Waffle

Protein shakes (see below)

How To Improve:

Add protein by adding peanut butter to the croissant or toast or make eggs on the side.

Add milk and banana to cereal

Add fruit and peanut butter to waffle. (I know waffles probably aren’t the best choice in the first place, but they are so good!)

Protein shakes:

These are one of my favorite things to have during the day. If you follow me on Instagram, you see my recipes and pictures of said shakes. I am an avid fan of PBFit Peanut Butter Powder with Juice Plus complete powder and bananas in mine, but I sometimes switch it up with frozen berries. The reason why I love these is because they are filling, delicious and healthy. The protein powder has lots of great, clean ingredients in it and is also gluten and soy free, making it that much better. (I have yet to try other Juice Plus products, but both my mom and best friend sell it, so I will be buying it from them soon!)


This is sometimes challenging for me because one of my jobs is in retail, which means I am always busy. I do get a half hour for lunch, so it gives me enough time to eat something healthy.

My Go-To Foods:

String cheese

Greek yogurt

Baby Carrots


Trail Mix

Vegetable Soup

Chicken Salad



Salad with veggies, chicken and other goodies.

I don’t eat all of this every day. I tend to switch it up and have three or four of these things for my lunch. I am more of a grazer than a meal person, but I try to be healthy about it. I need to make sure I add more protein into my diet, so that will be a challenge. However, as I find more food and recipes, I will be sure to post.


Since I work late, most of my meals are made in the slow cooker. This ends up being my balanced meal of the day because it is the only time I actually sit and eat without being half asleep or worrying about rushing back to work.

My Favorite Meals:

Pasta with tomato sauce

Chicken with potatoes and rice or veggies (I sometimes have pork or roast beef instead)

Fish with veggies and rice

Chili with ground turkey and several types of beans

Chicken or veggie soup

Veggie, beef or chicken stew.

I try to keep this balanced with meats, proteins and carbs. Some days are better than others, but for the most part, this meal is the one I have down pat. I know I could be healthier and use brown rice or whole wheat pasta, but since I hate the taste of both, I see no point in wasting money on something I don’t want to eat. I do, however, like the rice quinoa mix from Sam’s Club and Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, which has more calcium, vitamin D and fiber. I try to buy those as often as possible, but when I am on a budget, sometimes it isn’t an option. In those cases, I add a salad and more protein somewhere else.

I will continue to post more diet tips, improvements and snacks as time goes on. As always, thank you for the support.

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