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Tell me about yourself.

Sam Summermatter, 44 years old, Father of two Children. I’m a Flight Operation Manager/Chef Pilot With 9’100 flight hours, 50’000 takeoff’s and Landings, 2’100 SAR Missions


What is The Horn?

The Horn is a docuseries made for Red Bull TV about the Air Zermatt mountain rescue team doing rescues around the Matterhorn in Switzerland on a daily basis. And how our  team of doctors, medics, pilots and safety experts manage this duty to help get people out of dangerous or critical situations on the mountain.

How did you get involved?

Growing up in the mountains close to Air Zermatt made me already addicted as a child to helicopters. I joined Air Zermatt when I was 20 Years old.

What do you hope people learn from it?

If people learn from it, it’s a big plus. First of all is it a great honor for the whole Air Zermatt Team and their Families to get this exposure on a global scale.  When people see our series they should think about all other rescue teams around the world who are also doing a tremendous job as well. We are a small company and there are so many rescuers out there doing gorgeous work. This series values the work of all rescuers around the globe.

What was the most challenging part of the project?

To manage having the series filmed and making decisions about the crew on a daily basis. Our #1 priority was a safe rescue and a speedy rescue.


What was the most rewarding?

Camera or no cameras it’s always rewarding when someone we rescued comes back to say thank you. We don’t need anyone to say thank you because it’s part of our job but it always makes us tear up a little when someone who looked like they weren’t going to make it ends up being triumphant and beats all odds. You can see this in the first episode with a skier who fell down a crevasse. Normally the outcomes isn’t so great.


What kind of rescue training did you have?

To be a Pilot at Air Zermatt it takes more or less 6 to 8 Years.


What is the most important lesson you learned from your career?

Analyze your intentions before you go.


Doing the show?

I think this will be revealed in the future.


What else are you working on?

We have a project in Motorsports to recover broken down cars faster and then an ongoing partnership in Nepal to train their crew for high altitude operations. What we do all around the world with our training center.



What are you  watching on TV these days?

RedBull TV 1f601.png

I like sports, hockey is the best thing and some good survival and car shows. And of course Red Bull TV!!


Anything else you want to tell America?

America is awesome. I hope you will like the series.

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