Do love to work out, but need to change things up a bit? Want all your plans in one convenient location? Fear not! Sworkit is there to rescue you and keep you organized in the new year.

Widely recognized for providing its users with personalized video workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere, without equipment, Sworkit is now taking their app to the next level by offering customized six week workout plans that match the fitness goals and lifestyles of its user.

“We are giving sworkit users even more fitness options to help them reach their goals ” said Sworkit CEO Ben Young.  “They can use the freestyle workouts, pick individual exercises, or now follow these motivating six week workout plans tailored specifically for their needs.”

The plans have been created by professional trainers with a focus on getting progressively “fitter, “leaner,” or “stronger”

over the six week period.

“These fitness plans take out a lot of the guess work for our users, while giving them the flexibility to customize a plan that fits into their lifestyle,” said Young.

Users can choose difficulty levels ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced and the time duration they want their workouts to last.

The workouts will progress as each week is completed.

Sworkit recommends the workouts be done three times per week but all workouts can be done whenever or wherever one chooses.

“We wanted to make it even easier for our fans to get motivated about their fitness goals,” said Young. “With our new workout plans users tell the app what they want to achieve, and it tells them what to do and how to do it so they can build their best body yet.”

The new workout plans will be offered only to Sworkit premium subscribers January 1st and can be used on iOS and android systems, including iPhones, Androids, iPads and other web-based devices.

Sworkit Premium is 4.99 per month with a free 7-day trial, or only $39.99 per year without the trial.

The Sworkit app is free to download and has free fitness offerings including strength, stretching, cardio, yoga and pilates video exercises demonstrated by real trainers.

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