As I did last year, I am covering the Super Bowl. While I have a bit more football knowledge than I did last year, I still don’t consider myself an expert. So…that means you can expect a lot of snark, sass and entertaining comments. Here we go!

Pre show….Yeah, I missed most of this. For me, the highlights were the Hall Of Fame throwback and Erin Andrews’s outfit.

Hey, that’s Evangeline from One Life To Live! The cast from Hamilton is singing America The Beautiful. It is incredible and amazing. WOW!

Why does that dude look like he is channeling Grumpy Cat?

The Color Guard always makes me tear up. Thank you for your service.

Luke Bryan!!!!! LOVE this man!!! His voice….I melt every time. He is the best performer I have seen sing the National Anthem in a long time, other than Jackie Evancho. This performance is seriously making me cry!!

Is Tom Brady swaying along to the music or doing the pee pee dance?

OMG, George and Barbara Bush!!! They look amazing and I am so happy they are doing so much better.  He does the coin toss! That is incredible.

Falcons win the coin toss, still no clue what it is for, but yay for them?


Ten seconds in and we already have an incomplete.

I don’t know, every time I watch, football always looks like a bunch of kids running around and fighting over a toy mixed with a Jerry Springer episode.

#29 on the Patriots has a nice ass. So does #6

Actually, scratch what I said before. It also kind of reminds me of West Side Story. I am half expecting them to break out into song.

The cheering makes it hard to hear what the commentators are saying.

Flowers made the play! I agree, he is brilliant!

The Michelin commercial was adorable!

What in the name of Sweet justice is #97 from the Falcons doing?

Is anything going to actually happen? It just looks like backyard football right now.

These commercials suck so far.

Less than three minutes left and literally nothing noteworthy had happened.

Now it looks like coach breaking up a fight in gym class.

At least there was a hot guy who was int he Intel commercial?

That #WeAccept commercial was so powerful.

Flag—penalty DECLINED!

Julio Jones is showing how strong he is—okay dude, is he a football player of Popeye?

Out of bounds!!

Every time they say Alex Mack I think of that old 90s show on Snick. Anyone else remember that show?

Why does Justin Bieber get a commercial?

FINALLY!!! A touchdown for the Falcons!!!! WOOHOO!!!

The JT/Bai/NSYNC commercial was pretty clever.

There are so many flags tonight I feel like Sheldon Cooper should be there.

Another touchdown for the Falcons.

Flag! The touchdown will stand. The kick was redone and gave them the extra point.

Can we rename this game Fun With Flags? For real….there are more flags than anything else.

Another touchdown!!! Falcons!!! WOOOO!!!! That was epic.

Did the Patriots forget they were playing football at the Super Bowl?

Anddddd….another flag. Really?

Patriots finally score 3 points.

Halftime show! Lady Gaga sings a medley of America-themed songs and completely nails it like the powerhouse she is for her opening. She then goes into a medley of her own songs. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe her performance. LOVE!!!!

I love these commentators. It is a mix of the old guys from the Muppets and DanceCenter on DWTS.

Julian Edelman makes a comeback!

Out of bounds, clock turned back.

Timeout for Falcons.

Andddddddd….another flag.

Falcons get another touchdown! They are on FIRE!

That ball drop for the Patriots….wow, totally sucks to be that dude.

29 (Patriots) and 23 (Falcons) look like they are dancing or doing WWE moves.

Patriots finally get a touchdown!!!!

Another flag….SHEESH!!! 5 yard penalty.

Out of bounds for the Patriots.

Something happened with Amendola, but I missed it.

Are we all just fighting each other now? What is happening?

Patriots are catching up thanks to that kick! Now it is 28-12.

Coleman from the Falcons is hurt….timeout….I hope he is ok.

That tackle though….oh Matt Ryan!!!

Finally, it is looking like a football game!!!

Patriots get another touchdown!! 28-18

It is finally looking like a game that is Super Bowl worthy…thank you Amendola!!!

Make that 28-20, thank you 2 point conversion.

Nice catch, Julio! That reminded me of every wedding I’ve ever been to when the ladies are trying to catch the bouquet.

The recap video is hysterical! It’s like watching it on speed.

The past 20 minutes look like a bunch of kids at recess playing tag.

Are they wrestling over the ball or making out?

Ah, Edelman was stealing the ball. Well played, but did it work in his favor?

Call confirmed! That was pretty epic.

Whoa….another Patriots touchdown!! 28-28!

They are basically beginning a new game, complete with a new coin toss.

Nice throw, Amendola!

And the Patriots score and win!!!!!!

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