The Special Jerseys

The Special Jerseys

by Katie Haskins

There are four special jerseys that can be worn in a multi-stage cycling race.  This makes the leaders of the 4 different categories easier to see.

The Race Leader – Typically represented by a yellow jersey, this is the person at the top of the overall standings and if the race finished today, would be crowned the winner.

The Points Leader – A green jersey. This is the prize that was created in 1974 to give the sprinters something to aim for. Points are gathered at the Sprint Points set up in each stage and at the end of a sprint stage.

King of the Mountains – A polka dot jersey (white with giant red dots). Points are awarded to riders when they go over the top of a climb. More points are awarded on harder climbs. The rider with the most mountain points, wears this jersey.

Best Young Rider – A white jersey. This jersey is worn by the highest placed rider under the age of 26. The cutoff age can vary between races.

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