(Woodland Hills, CA) November 29th, 2017 – The present time is so filled with hate and division and Guy Fieri-branded kitchen products, it can only a sign of the dark things to come. And only one RoboNazi-fighting cyborg team can change that!

From the creators of the hit comic book series, AmeriKarate, and a Bob’s Burgers character designer, comes the funniest, most action-packed, and weirdest animated 1980’s action movie parody ever made! Neatoco is proud to announce its first animated feature film, Fightinator, will be going into production in 2018.
Starring James “Buster” Douglas (Punched Out Mike Tyson) Hal Rudnick (The Screen Junkies Show), and April O’Neil (AmeriKarate), Fightinator will launch its Indiegogo Campaign on  November 29th, 2017 at and for supporters will feature tons of perks like Buster Douglas signed boxing gloves and Knockout Boxing Sega Genesis Games, pins, limited edition posters by top poster artists, signed AmeriKarate books, original art, Executive Producer credits, being drawn into the movie as a Robot Nazi-punching cyborg, copies of the movie and soundtrack, and one lucky person will get the only copy of an alternate ending to the Fightinator movie.
In the neo-future, the year two thousand and nineteen eighty-seven, robot scientist, Blast Fightinator is bitten by a radioactive human and becomes infected with its humanity as well as its deadly fighting and hip hop skills. Fightinator joins a team of cyborg mercenaries (and hip hop supergroup), The L.A. Bandroids, and heads into the jungle to stop a gang of Nazi robots known as the Master Haters and their plan for World Robot Domination through RoboCocaine addiction.
Fightinator will be a hilarious, action-packed, blood-soaked, curse-word-filled, nunchuck-gun-shooting, RoboNazi-punching, Cyborg Karate-kicking, animated movie.
Fightinator will be produced by Devin Roth (Bob’s Burgers, Disney’s Future Worm, TBS’ Final Space), animated by Daniel Arruda Massa (Cougar & Cub, AmeriKarate, Neatoco Cartoons), includes art by artists Tom Whalen, Travis Louie, Anthony Petrie, Gary Taxali, Dave Perillo, and was written by Brockton McKinney (Full Moon’s Evil Bong 666, Gibgerdead Man comic, AmeriKarate) and Corey Kalman (Neatoco, AmeriKarate), and will be directed by Corey Kalman and Christian Moran (Neatoco, AmeriKarate).
The Fightinator Indiegogo Campaign page can be found at
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