Organizing A Small Apartment: Part 1

As the people reading this site know, I am in the process of purging my apartment. Not only do I want the extra space so I can do some at home workouts, but the clutter was also driving me up a wall.

So far, I got rid of five bags of garbage (most of which was boxes I held onto for no apparent reason) and noticed that in the almost two years I’ve lived here, I accumulated a lot of junk.

This, of course, led to me getting incredibly overwhelmed and wanting to say F**K it and toss everything out the window or have a lovely bonfire. Unfortunately, my landlord would not appreciate either action. I’m sure my garbage man won’t appreciate the excess garbage accumulating, but I am sure I can figure out a way around it.

Anyway, how did I keep myself from going crazy, you ask? First of all, I tackled one section of my studio at a time. Considering I have a 700-some-odd square foot apartment, things clutter very easily.  I decided the easiest thing to do was start by getting some storage pieces. They were all very inexpensive on Amazon (I truly believe if it can’t be found on Amazon, the product has yet to be invented, but that is another story)and don’t take up that much room. They also store a ton of stuff, which saves on space. I first focused on my DVD collection, rearranging them and putting aside DVDs I don’t want for family and friends. I now have a smaller section and more room to walk a round my apartment.

Next up is the dreaded boxes with winter clothes. I recently switched my clothes for the season, only to end up tripping on boxes. I got a set of shelves to put the boxes, preventing said falling. It is also small enough to fit into a corner and looks attractive.

I still have other sections to hit, but that is for another post!

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