30 Day Food Challenge: Day 20

Today is day twenty of the challenge.  In a moment of pure  exhaustion, I accidentally posted last night’s as day eighteen. Yesterday was actually day nineteen, so the post is now corrected. Apologies for that and if it ends up on your feed again.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner is going to also  serve as lunch for a couple of days since I  made so much.  I  knew I wanted to finish the sauce and sausage in my fridge, so I combined it with the shredded cheese I seem to have an abundance of,  along with the last of a box of pasta. It is like a  makeshift ziti, except cooked in one pot.

I know, I could have made it into an actual ziti type dish (minus the ricotta and the fact that I  used spaghetti noodles) but why use more dishes if I don’t have to?

I am just glad to be rid of more food, and have a delicious meal to enjoy!

More tomorrow!  This is when the real challenge begins because I have a week left and slim pickings when it comes to food. Stay tuned!







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