30 Day Food Challenge: Day 25

My SIL is better than yours.

Tonight’s dinner was amazing…..but I will confess that I did not cook it. Last night, I went to my brother’s for a late night meal and his wife cooked me cheesy pasta again. I know I ate those chicken wings before I went over,but if my sister-in-law puts cheesy pasta in front of me, I will eat it no matter what….even if I spent the entire day eating.

Anyway, since there were leftovers, they sent me home with a nice Tupperware container filled with yummy goodness. Hence…there is my dinner for tonight. I also finished off the chicken wings from last night, therefore finishing more food that I would have otherwise forgotten about and ended up throwing out.

While I cannot take credit for cooking said dinner, I can take comfort in knowing I was able to have a great meal without spending money. I also did plan out tomorrow’s meal, which will be spinach with my homemade buffalo sauce and Mac and cheese. Yes, I am sick of pasta for once in my life. However this challenge is giving me a lesson on overbuying and impulse buying. While my favorite grocery stores may constantly have pasta on sale, it doesn’t mean I have to buy it every single time.

More tomorrow….stay tuned!

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