30 Day Food Challenge: Day 27

This doesn’t look very attractive, but it is delicious.

Day 27! Three more days and then I am done with this challenge and can finally buy food again. I admit, I am wayyyy too excited about this. Not only because I can finally have food in the house,but I now have better knowledge of what I can and should buy.

As for tonight’s dinner, I ended up heating up the leftovers from last night. I had planned on making something with the chicken I defrosted,but after a long day,I knew it wasn’t going to happen. The buffalo mac and cheese was also too good to not eat for a second night in a row.

Right now, I am also planning my future foood shopping trip. My goal is to ONLY buy what I need and plan on actually using. As of now, that is milk, creamer, eggs, veggies, fruit, meat,spices and hot sauce. There might be a few other things added,but I will have. To do a better inventory over the weekend.

Stay tuned!

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