30 Day Food Challenge: Day 28

Three days left of this challenge. It has been an eye opening, fun, sometimes annoying experience,but I have enjoyed every minute. I have rekindled my love for cooking and realized how much money I waste on food I don’t need or use.  I also realized that it is ok to have setbacks, as I did on a few occasions. However, I realized my taste for takeout is fading and I prefer to cook for myself.

As I mentioned last night, I had chicken defrosting. However, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Chicken is one of the staples in my house (despite the fact I went two years without eating it) because it is so versatile. You can bread it and make cutlets, stir fry it, add it to soup…the possibilities are ENDLESS!

So what did I do, you ask? I decided to finish up some of the condiments in my fridge (why do I over buy on these? Do I really need fifteen different dressings/sauces/dips? I think not!) and marinate the chicken in them. The chicken will then go into my instant pot and BOOM! Add some rice and I have dinner for two more days.

The first chicken dish is chicken with BBQ sauce. I LOVE BBQ sauce, but I only really use it if I am making pulled pork. Therefore,I always end up with extra and either have to be creative with meals in order to finish it, or throw it out. I decided to finish it so I refrain from wasting more food.

The second one is honey mustard chicken, since I got some on impulse and need to finish it before it expires.

Both dishes will be paired with rice and spinach because that is all the sides I have left!

I will give an update on how they come out tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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