30 Day Food Challenge: Day 29

Day 29! The second-to-last day of this challenge. I  somehow managed to not buy groceries and only brought outside food three times, and that was only on days when I  forgot lunch/working super late. However, I  still cooked on those days.

Anyway, today and tomorrow are going to be the WORST days of this challenge because there is very little food left in my house. I am glad because I  was able to clear out 99% of the food (save for excess canned goods, rice, pasta and pancake mix) but it is bad when there is nothing to eat.

I decided that tonight I am going to use my canned goods because 1.  I’m lazy and 2. I’m sick to death of pasta. (As someone that LOVES Italian food, this even surprised me!!)  So soup it is tonight.  I will also probably eat some leftover chicken if I am still hungry afterwards.

Tomorrow will focus on the lessons I’ve learned throughout this process and how it will impact my food shopping in the future.

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