March Madness Round 1 Night 2

Today is the second night of round one for March Madness. I will be updating scores as  they come in,so keep checking back!

Iowa vs. Cincinnati: 79-72 with Iowa winning.

Oklahoma vs. Mississippi: 95-72 with Oklahoma winning.

Texas Tech vs. Northern KY: 72-57 with Texas Tech winning.

UC Irvine vs. Kansas State: 70-64 UC Irvine winning.

Colgate vs. Tennessee: 77-70 with Tennessee winning.

Gardner-Webb vs. Virginia: 71-56 with Virginia winning.

Arizona State vs. Buffalo: 91-74 with Buffalo winning.

Oregon vs. Wisconsin: 73-64 with Oregon winning.

Washington vs. Utah State: 78-61 with Washington winning.

ND State vs Duke: 85-62 with Duke winning.

Georgia State vs. Houston: with winning.

Liberty vs. MS State: 84-55 with Liberty winning.

Iona vs. UNC: 88-73 with UNC winning.

UFC vs. VCU: 73-58 with UCF winning.

Ohio State vs. Iowa State: : 62-59 with Ohio State winning.

St. Louis vs. Virginia Tech: 66-52 with Virginia Tech winning.

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