WWE Smackdown Snark and Recap 3/26/19

It is Tuesday, which means it is WWE Smackdown night. We are twelve days away from Wrestlemania, which is going to be EPIC! It also means tonight it going to be a crazy night because we are so close to the event.

We open with The New Day arriving on the scene,dressed like they are ready for an eighties night party. Sasha would be proud of those outfits. They enter the ring and talk about everything that has happened over the past few months and say it has been five years since it all began. They thank the fans and say they discussed walking away because of all of Kofi’s obstacles and how poorly he has been treated. However, Kofi does not know the word quit so…..they ask McMahon to come out and address them face to face to discuss their issues. 

McMahon comes out to join The New Day in the ring. However, before he gets a chance to speak, he is interrupted by Daniel Bryan. He tells him not to placate to The New Day and let them quit. He says they can just get guys from NXT and that Kofi is a B+ player who lost several matches recently. 

The New Day tells him he is scared and a hypocrite.  

McMahon intervenes and says that they aren’t going to quit and were never going to in the first place. He says Kofi is done, but if The New Day wins their tag team gauntlet match,then Kofi can go to Wrestlemania. 

Becky Lynch is interviewed about the main event match. This leads to Charlotte Flair being introduced. She is dressed Ike some sort of Disney showgirl and was she will show everyone hoe deserving she is.

Asuka comes out and reminds me of a KISS/China clown love child with that outfit. However, that hair is cute. 

The fight looks like end of any run of the mill high school bathroom fight. It keeps getting interrupted by commercials, which makes it hard to focus. 

Finally! We are getting somewhere! Holy cow,it really became anyone’s game there for awhile.  It became so good,  I hardly knew where to look! However, with that bridge, Charlotte ended up winning! I was doubtful there for awhile, Asuka was really holding her own. 

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles are up next for Kurt’s final Smackdown match.  He is still dressed like he’s channeling Captain America, while AJ opted for tight pants. Randy Orton gets into the ring, wearing a leather vest and Speedo….but he is tossed out on his ear….almost literally….complete with the Angle Slam!

I have no clue what happened, but now Kurt and AJ are hugging. 

Joan Jett is playing at Wrestlemania?  WOW!

The Miz takes the stage and says how he can’t wait to rip Shane apart piece by piece,limb by limb. He keeps talking when a bunch of men come out as Shane’s backup. Shane comes out with words of his own and even makes a dig at Shane’s father.  This leads to  The Miz running after him and fighting the security. It reminds me of when the Power Rangers used to fight the putties back in the day.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match! The New Day will go up against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.  The New Day wins almost immediately but then must go up against Nakamora and Rusev.  Once again, he get that commercial cut off,making it hard to focus on the match. WTF? It’s a tough match,but The New Day ends up winning….despite the other two holding their own. It was a bit touch and. Go there for a while!

Seamus and Cesaro are the next to take on The New Day and is he just sitting on him? It doesn’t look too good for The New Day. 

What a comeback!! However, that table toss could spell the end….or not?

Now we have the USOs…..there is no way The New Day can beat them….is there? But they forfeited? What?

Now The New Day must face Daniel Bryan. Are we breaking stuff now?  Okayyyyy then! Seriously, this is the weirdest match ever. He’s going to crush him….damn….



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