30 Day Food Challenge Update

Unsolved Mysteries
Unsolved Mysteries

I wanted to give you guys an update on the 30 day food challenge, and I promise that is coming (spoiler alert, there was a pizza night once, only because I got was inundated with work, Royal Baby coverage for TVGrapevine and prepping for Hell Week. It was simply one of those days where getting food was easier than cooking.   However, I did eat at home the other three days, so I will share what I made.

On night two, I  finished up that pasta, so there was no real cooking involved, except putting leftovers in the microwave. However,  I  ended up with more sauce than pasta,  which led to me grabbing a spoon and eating it like a tomato soup. Weird, but delicious.

Night three consisted of my go-to busy night dinner….egg and rice. To get some veggies in there, I used my last avocado. I also put some hot sauce on top for extra flavor.

On night four, I was a bit more proactive. That morning, I  actually remembered to defrost some steak, which I  cooked (rare).  And mixed with the rest of the spinach in my freezer.  It took less than fifteen minutes and was delicious.

Last night was the infamous pizza night,  which while I am not proud of, was the easiest option due to how busy I was and how late I got home. I plan to get back on track and cooking again, saving money, calories and time.

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