Time for a New Challenge…or Three

It’s time for another challenge! Every so often I do some sort of challenge to better organize my life. It helps put things in perspective  and makes me less stressed. I have done food challenges, organization challenges and fitness challenges, with several others in between. This time, I plan on doing all three….at the same time.

This will take place over a span of thirty days, alternating each category.

Today’s challenge is in the food category. I am once again trying to use up all the food in my house before buying new food. I have about two weeks worth of food in my house and plan to finish it ALL before buying other stuff. I did a quick inventory of what I have and notice I have more than I realize and enough to make various meals. While some meals will be simple, there are several ingredients to make more substantial meals.

First up is to finish the chicken breasts in my freezer. This is one of the rare times I did not split the package into portions when I buy it (I usually put a chicken breast/leg/thigh etc into a Ziploc bag and take one out at a time to use) so I will be defrosting them and making them different ways. I will use one to make chicken and rice and then throughout the next few days, use the rest to make other meals. Some of the plans include chicken chili, BBQ chicken and chicken with tomatoes and cheese. I will be writing about those more in depth on the other food challenge days, but I look forward to sharing it with you!


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