Inspirational Women: Emily Paulson

Emily Paulson is one of the most inspirational women I have met during my almost twelve years as a journalist. She has helped many people in her work as a life coach and works tirelessly to help people who want to live a healthy, sober lifestyle. 

The Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond The Filtered Life author is no stranger to struggle herself, which makes her all the more relatable. She admits that she has struggled with alcoholism for years, only becoming sober when faced with a potentially life changing wake up call. It forced her to take a long, hard look at herself and make some serious changes. Not only did she become sober, but she also came up with ways to help others (particularly moms) who want to live a better, sober lifestyle. 

One of her ideas to change the narrative when it comes to drinking. There is a trend of hashtags and accessories that state things like ‘wine mom’ or ‘rose all day,’ and gatherings that center around booze. While she is in NO WAY shaming those who choose to drink, she wants people to know there are other things to do at parties, as well as ways to make sober people feel more comfortable in social gatherings. Some of her ideas include doing activities such as walking or shopping or having parties that offer alternative beverages. She points out that most of the time, people don’t notice what others are drinking and therefore, it is easier to feel comfortable. 

Emily also says that she is very proud of Jessica Simpson for coming out about her own battle with addiction. She thinks that people who read Jessica’s book and pay attention to her story will be able to relate and feel as if they are not alone. 

However, the most important thing about Emily is her positive outlook on life and recovery. She is an incredible role model and inspiration for many and I look forward to seeing more of her journey in the future.  

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