What Is Football In High Heels?

I am a woman who works as an entertainment journalist, fitness instructor and brand ambassador. If you look up girly-girl in the dictionary, you would probably find my picture. I am forever learning, yet never mastered the one thing all my guy friends seem to love–SPORTS. I would hear them talk about the topic and my eyes would glaze over in confusion. I felt like a fish out of water, but since these were my friends, I decided to actually learn about the topic. (After all, they DO listen to me rant about Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor!)

So how did Football In High Heels happen? One day, when talking to my friend about the Super Bowl, he joked with me about my lack of knowledge and then said I probably knew more about sports than I thought. As I drove home that night, I thought about our conversation and thought of two things: one was that he was probably right, I just had to figure out what I did know about sports, not only so I could join in conversations and not sound like a reality star confusing chicken and fish, but also to show I respect my friends and really do care about the things they like. The second thing was that this journey through the wide world of sports would make one heck of a blog. So, thanks to my awesome buddy, Football In High Heels was born!


I invite you to join me as I learn the good, the bad and the ugly about football, baseball and every sport in between. There will be interviews with athletes, entertainment, celebrity news about sports figures and of course, my own personal commentary. It will be funny, educational and of course my own brand of entertainment.


(Also, no, ladies, a tight end does not mean the guy on the football team has a great ass. If that were the case, then wouldn’t they ALL be tight ends? ;-D)


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