10828019_355196364605085_8805930692374048783_oTRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: TANISHA SHANEE AND SUCCESS WEIGHT

Celebrity Weight Loss Coach, motivational speaker and author Tanshia Shanee and I have been friends since we started college together at The College of New Rochelle in 2001. She is beautiful inside and out, but more importantly, she is someone I’ve admired since day one of our friendship. Tanisha is a strong woman and someone who always goes after what she wants.

She recently penned the book Transition To A HEALTHIER YOU How I Lost Over 140 POUNDS, and You Can TOO! , where she tells her incredible weight loss story and how it changed her life for the better. She is also traveling around the country to tell this story and to help other people get their own happy endings. She runs a successful business called Success Weight, which has clients all across the country and always offers positive messages on her social media pages and video series.

To me, her transformation is a beautiful thing, not only because she is helping others, but also because I love seeing her happy and becoming a woman I admire even more than I did when we met in Dr. Zimmer’s Intro To Communication Arts Class in 2001.

Congratulations on all your success, Tanisha!

Below is some more information on her book, which can be purchased on

Tanisha Shanee’ once weighed over 350 pounds, but after 28 years of being morbidly obese, she had enough. Despite having tried various diets and weight loss plans, Tanisha took a different approach. She started to look at her life from a healthier perspective. She was not happy, but she was content with her life. In 2012, she turned her life around and said, “GOOD BYE unhealthy Tanisha… Hello HEALTHY!”

She shares her strategies, how she built her mental strength, and what others like her can do to tackle this difficult journey.

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