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Last night, I watched the series premiere of Strong on NBC. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I was quite impressed with the contestants, fellow trainers and concept of the show. We have Gabrielle Reece and Sly Stallone as part of the show, so it is bound to be amazing.  I am very interested in seeing how far these teams go to achieve their goals.

The trainers try to impress the ladies by breaking concrete and completing other challenges. While they do that, we meet the ladies and trainers.

Jill is a mom of four and wife of a pastor.

Bennie is a former strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

Drew is a trainer who is a triple cardiac arrest survivor. He has a service dog and a diffibluator device.

Mahogany is a mom and wife who survived infidelity and other tragedy. She wants her life back.

The ladies get to pick their trainers. It goes by pretty fast, and I notice Ky looks like AJ from Backstreet Boys.

The winner will get $500,000.

We watch them work out and find out Leyon is a professional boxer.

More intros:

Dan is a cross training champion, while Todd has worked with the elite.

Adam is a mixed martial artist.

Victoria grew up with an alcoholic dad and lost her grandfather, who was the most influential person in her life.


They will be climbing a wall, which scares trainer Ky.  I love how they all encourage each other as they do the challenge, especially the trainers. Victoria falls, but despite now being in last place, she tries again.

Adam and CC of the white team win the challenge, while the aqua team is in last place. They are sent to the elimination tower.

Leyon and Victoria have a heart to heart and he tells her that he had a lot of almosts in life…to the Olympic trials and lost, district playoffs and lost, so he thinks he can relate to her more than she thinks.

The other teams must decide who will join them in the elimination tower. It seems like they all want to get rid of Jasmine and Wes because they didn’t get up the wall. However, they choose Bennie and Jill because they are a bigger threat. Bennie is mad because the white team promised to not send them to the elimination tower. He says the white team is dead to him.

The elimination tower is an intense obstacle course that scares the hell out of me. However, it also reminds me of America Ninja Warrior. I am in awe of all this. Jill falls, but her trainer tells her to keep fighting. I just love how supportive these trainers are….instead of screaming and yelling at them.

Poor Victoria keeps falling and cries, but Leyon says he doesn’t care if she makes it through, he is just proud that she is trying.

Jill finishes the course and is saved. Victoria and Bennie are eliminated, but they get to finish their training at the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

At the update, we see her with more muscle and less body fat. She was beautiful before, but she radiates now.

Hour two kicks off with more introductions, including Mat, who is determined to be the last man standing and Ky, who is a ballet dancer turned scientist.

The next challenge is to be upside down on a contraption and pass a ball to one another and put it through a chute. The winner is safe, the losers go to the elimination tower.

Brittany is a teen mom who wants the be the best she can for her son and wife.

Back to the challenge, which looks like a more intense version of my workouts. Adam and CC lose, so they are in the elimination tower, while the blue team wins.

Everyone  must now prepare for the next challenge by working out. We also see them relaxing and spending time together. The white and grey trainers have a fight and it seems like there is a lot of animosity between the trainers.

The teams have to hold onto spinning barrels. The winner chooses the second team to go to the elimination tower. If the white team wins, they choose two teams.

The white team wins, so they pick the red and purple teams to the elimination tower. This pisses everyone off and they Adam him a liar because he says one thing and does another.

At the elimination tower, the teams do the obstacle course. It is a tough call and neck and neck for most of the race. At the end of the day, it is the purple team who wins and the red team who is eliminated.

At the update, Sarah is slimmer, stronger and happier.

Join us tomorrow for another new episode.

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