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I posted a little bit about this last night on my Facebook page, but I also wanted to post on here as well.

You may have noticed my articles have been lacking, but I’ve been posting more on Instagram and Facebook. There is a reason for that!

So this site began as a parody of a sports site (the feminine Onion for sports, thanks to a great person who made fun of my lack of sports knowledge) mixed with entertainment and fun.

As time went on, I realized I was too limited. I painted myself into a corner and while I love my parody sports reports, there needs to be more. (After all, there is only so much I can snark on!) I was getting bored and my busy schedule didn’t let me watch and pay attention to sports the way I wanted. I went in a bit of a sabbatical to reboot and decide what I wanted to do.

In the past, I added articles on other topics, such as fitness, relationships etc. I loved that because it allowed me to expand my horizons.

After a lot of thinking and soul searching, I decided that from here on out, FIHH will be going through some changes. I will still have my snarky, parody posts about sports (you all know I love watching WWE specials and going Joan Rivers on those outfits!) but I will also be adding more of those lifestyle articles. They will still have the same humorous, snarky Sammi flavor and have some parody in them, just with different topics.

I also have a corresponding YouTube show that mostly focused on sports and my undying love for Dancing With The Stars. This will still come back! I promise! Life just got in the way and I wasn’t liking the quality of the videos. I am just looking for a better way to film to give you the very best. The show and this site are my babies and I want to make sure everything is top notch!

I will also be more active on Instagram for some fun, snark and giving you a peek at my real life.

Thank you all for being fans and following my site! I love you all and I can’t wait to share these new changes with you all in the coming days!

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