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30 Day Food Challenge: Day 10

Today was not the best day for this challenge. It started with me forgetting my lunch box and being unable to eat until I got home tonight at 8pm. Frustrated, hangry and annoyed, it was tempting to buy some takeout or fast food.

HOWEVER, I remembered my challenge and decided to make food at home instead. (That is what I am supposed to be doing, right?) The issue was, nothing was defrosted and I didn’t want to wait 20 minutes for pasta.

Still hangry and frustrated, I look for the quickest things to cook. I know I don’t want soup and am sick of rice. I go back in my freezer and see two hot dogs in the meat section. I see two hot dog rolls. I look over at my counter and see my air fryer. I quickly google to see if frozen hot dogs can be made in said air fryer. TEN minutes later, my food is done and I am singing the praises of the dude who invented the air fryer.

I also learn that it can cook other frozen meats just as quickly. I can potentially have a steak dinner in minutes or chicken wings as a quick snack. This new revelation is going to make this challenge even easier! Here’s to new meals!

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