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30 Day Food Challenge: Day 11

I have to admit I cannot take credit for this meal idea. That honor goes to my wonderful, smart sister-in-law who is not only cooking for me tonight, but also gave me a meal idea for my next dish.

Tonight she is cooking me cheesy pasta. Since it is her food and not mine, I won’t count it toward the challenge. I will say it is the best food I have ever eaten because it is filled with yummy, cheesy goodness.

Anyway, her meal idea for this challenge is so simple I am shocked I didn’t think of it myself. It is simply rice (I’ll be using more of that Uncle Ben’s microwaveable rice), eggs and hot sauce. I will add spices and maybe a slice of cheese to mine, but it is a great meal that clears out what is left in my house. Best of all? It takes less than ten minutes to cook. Saving money and time? What can be better when it comes to cooking?

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