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30 Day Meal Challenge: Day 16

Day sixteen! I honestly did not think that I would make it this far, but I am happy and proud that I did! I am also surprised I haven’t attempted one of my favorite meals yet…..pasta with sausage.

I found some sausage in my freezer and realized how long it has been since I  have made any. It is one of those foods I love, yet never think to cook or buy. As always, I have pasta and sauce in my cupboard,  so I can make said meal. (What kind of Italian would I be if I DIDN’T have pasta and sauce  on hand at al times?) I plan to cook the sausage in my air fryer and add it to the sauce once both are done cooking. My sauce is a special recipe my mom taught me and consists of a can of crushed tomatoes mixed with a can of purée,salt, pepper, a tiny bit of sugar, garlic, onion and Tone’s Italian Spaghetti Seasoning. I discovered this gem when my mom brought it for me last year and I have been addicted ever since, so thanks, mom! (For the record I would use fresh herbs if I could, but sadly I do not have any on hand.)

Any leftovers will be used for lunches and creating new meals during the week. Stay tuned!

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