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30 Day Food Challenge: Day 17

Note: Picture has nothing todo with food, but everything to do with the fact that it is Bachelor Monday and there always has to be wine when watching the show.

Seventeen days down, thirteen to go. This challenge is getting harder as I run out of food and have to figure out meals out of what I have left in my house. i know that is the entire point of this challenge, but I didn’t expect it to be this hard with so many days left!

Anyway, I decided to do a leftover night tonight, but put a twist on said leftovers. I had the pasta from last night, leftover sauce and more than half the sausage in my fridge. I also had shredded cheese that needed to be used. I put them all in the pasta Tupperware (why use dishes if I don’t have to?) and put it in the microwave for three minutes. BOOM! Dinner was ready. No, it is not at all creative. No, there is not much difference from last night’s dinner.

However, I did get to finish more food and for once, didn’t toss out leftovers. Usually, they end up forgotten in my fridge for weeks and I am stuck with the task of cleaning out stinky, gross Tupperware. I am proud to say that I am learning how to use up leftovers and not let good food go to waste. That is another important part of this challenge, I tend to waste food, and this is not a good thing to do while on a strict budget. My goal is to not do this anymore,not just for the challenge,but as a long term thing.

More tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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