WWE Smackdown Recap and Snark For 3/19/19

It’s WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE! We are less than three weeks away from Wrestlemania,  so every match counts at this point.

The Miz enters in a suit and apparently is ordered to go up against Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania. We get a recap of last week’s drama on how Shane wants what is best for him,  which leads to him challenging The Miz.

Back to this week.  The Miz gives his own speech and accepts the challenge because of course he does. He  also gives a shout out to  his dad and talks about how Shane attacked him in front of his dad and then put his hands on his father. He continues to call out Shane and I am officially excited about Wrestlemania. DROP MIC!

Sasha Banks and Bayley are back and it looks like they raided Jem’s closet before they arrived.

The IIconics Peyton Royce and Billie Kay  are up against them and it looks like they escaped a Dalllas Cowboys Cheerleaders lingerie party.  Or a Fredericks of Hollywood fashion show.   Either way,  I have an urge to watch Jem now.

Also, Claudia Kishi called, she wants her side ponytail back.

Okay…this fight isn’t even remotely  good or entertaining.  It looks more like girls  arguing in a club than anything else.

WHOAAAA….Lacey Evans, the Sassy Southern Belle shows up. Okay, haven’t watched for awhile, so I have no clue who she is or why she is there,  but I’ll go with it.

I HATE when we split screen with commercials. Seriously, WHY?   I don’t care about Jimmy John’s,  movies or cell phones. I just want to watch the wrestling, man!

We are back and The IIconics win,  but they cheated? What?  I don’t know,  I missed  most of the match.

Rey Mysterio will go up against Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania.   His son is there when he gives the announcement and he could not be prouder.

Kevin Owens helps introduce The Man Becky Lynch, is ready to face Charlotte Flair.  Charlotte looks like she is channeling a Real Housewife tonight. I  swear, Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne wore  versions of that outfit. The two sit with Kevin, who says a bunch of things Ronda Rousey said…and then pins them against each other.  Is this high school? Really?

This leads to Becky and Charlotte fighting and again, it looks more like an episode of Real Housewives of Where-The-Hell-Ever. A  bunch of security guys get involved and now we are on Jerry Springer, I guess?

Now it is time to talk to AJ Styles about his match with Randy Orton. He says Randy’s great, he is a first round draft pick and he (AJ) is a walk on.  He plans to tear the house down because he is the phenomenal AJ Styles.

Daniel Bryan takes the mic and goes on and on about Kofi Kingston and the gauntlet match being an injustice.  Whatever, I  don’t care.

It looks like Kofi is going to have his work cut out for him. A bit of trivia, I  met him a few years ago at the Syfy tour. Nice guy and yes, ladies, he is as cute in person as he is on TV.

Anyway, he faces Erick Rowan, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Cesaro & Sheamus.  This will determine his place in Wrestlemania.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet…I’m tired, The Rookie is on and I’m honestly not a fan of these gauntlet matches. All you need to know is, Rowan was eliminated, Kofi beat Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Orton and Sheamus.

Kofi now has to face Daniel Bryan. It is quite an intense match, but those last few seconds really had me biting my nails….especially that running knee…..which ends Kofi’s chance  of going to Wrestlemania and gives Bryan the win.

More next week!

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