Make Up and Clean Out!

As I mentioned on Instagram yesterday, I  actually decided.  To do a full face of makeup yesterday,  instead of my usual (as of recently) natural look. While this may not be a  big deal for anyone reading (I mean, who cares if some writer on the Internet is wearing makeup?), it was a big deal for me, but not for the reasons one may think.

The reason this is a big deal for me is because as I  was going through my makeup collection, I was frustrated because I could not find the highlighter I wanted to use. This is when I realized my makeup collection is not only a huge MESS (try as I might, I  can never keep it organized), but I have an endless supply of products I  never use. Some of it  came from those subscription services, some were gifts and some were impulse buys for no apparent reason. The point is, I have so much stuff,  yet rarely use most of it. Cue…..the purge!

I began with my lipsticks.  I am a sucker for a good lipstick. I have pale lips and it always makes me feel more attractive if I am wearing a lipstick or gloss. However, I  realized that I have way too many and several of the colors are not very flattering. I spent a good part of my morning trying on colors and tossing out what doesn’t look attractive or ones  I haven’t used in the past couple of months. Yes,  I feel  wasteful, but it is better than having clutter and keeping things that I might never use.

This also goes for my bright blue eyeshadow that isn’t even in style and may only come in handy if someone has an 80s themed party. Since this isn’t happening anytime soon and the color looks terrible on me, it went straight into the garbage.  Again, I feel bad wasting perfectly good makeup, but it makes me feel better knowing I  am more organized. I might have less options when it comes to doing my makeup, but at least I have exactly what I need  and use.

Next up: My never ending supply of hair products! Stay tuned.

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