Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/5/19

Tonight is the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. We get intro videos from Tayshia, Blake, Katie, Cam…..and that rap from Cam had me rolling on the floor. (For those of you who don’t remember, the girls are from Colton’s season, Blake is from Becca’s and Cam is from Hannah’s). 

We also have some random person named Jane who was from Colton’s season and is obsessed with hot sauce. 

Hannah G is also in the mix, along with Demi, who is visited by Hannah. She comes out as liking both men and women and reveals she is dating a woman, but not exclusively. She wants to go to paradise to figure things out. (Both are from Colton’s season)

Clay is also on this season, along with Nicole and Chris B. (Clay is from Becca’s season, Nicole is from Colton’s and Chris has been on various seasons and is out of retirement.)


Chris Harrison begins greeting the contestants. Blake and Hannah are the first to arrive, followed by Katie, Dylan (Hannah’s season), Chris and Derek. The girls think the guys are hot and vice versa, so everyone begins to mingle. 

Tayshia arrives next, followed by Kevin (Hannah’s season), Wills (Becca’s season), Demi and a few other people that have yet to be introduced. Or to be fair, they show up so quickly, it is hard to keep up.

We also see Onyeka and Cam arrive. Everyone mingles and seems to get along, but Cam seems to be the one person people are NOT looking forward to seeing. 

John Paul Jones arrives next, and jokes that his name can be Juan Pablo Jones here. He immediately hits it off with Onyeka. 

Jane arrives next, followed by Annalise from Arie’s season and last season of BIP. Bibiana and Nicole also arrive, along with Clay. Annalise is not happy since he broke up with Angela from last season and he said he wasn’t ready to date. 

Caelynn arrives and she says that Blake isn’t her favorite person since they dated and it didn’t end well. He bolts when he sees her.

Everyone settles in and we find out the guys give out the roses first. Annalise tells the girls about Clay and Angela and is worried he will hurt someone. 

We also find out Blake and Caelynn had a thing and were exclusive until he hurt her. 

Blake gets the date card and decides to go out with Tayshia. Caelynn is pissed. However, as hurt as she is, she needs to stop whining. 

Derek and Demi get pretty cozy. 

Dylan has a thing for Hannah and is upset that she hit it off with Blake. He feels better when Blake goes out with Tayshia. 

Caelynn is still whining. Again, I get it, but I’m already sick of hearing about it.

Blake and Tayshia get to know each other and seem to hit it off.  They also make out in a hot tub. Demi and Derek do the same. 

Hannah is disappointed about not getting a date with Blake, so she sets her sights on Dylan. 

Caelynn talks about what happened with Blake….they were talking, hooked up and then he confessed that he also hooked up with Kristina the day before he had sex with her at Stagecoach. Onyeka is pissed on Caelynn’s behalf and now I see why she is so pissed. 

Kristina then shows up because of course she does. She tells Chris about the whole  debacle and he gives her a date card. Blake just about has an accident in his pants when he sees her. However, he tells the guys they were together but it was bad timing and they are still friends. 

Kristina talks to Blake and everyone is slowly learning what happened. 

Oh, and apparently Sydney showed up at some point!

Then Kristina takes Blake on the date! WHAT? Tayshia is not happy, nor is Caelynn. 

However… looks like our little Kristina has a devious plan in mind….

More tomorrow, stay tuned. 

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