America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/17/19

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- “Live Finals” Episode 1422 -- Pictured: Kodi Lee -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tonight is the penultimate episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. The final ten acts will perform and the winner will be announced tomorrow night.

V. Unbeatable  – Dance Troupe from India– Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer 

I love how this dance is dedicated to their founder. The dance itself is incredible, dangerous, fun and exciting. There are many more words to describe it….but in short, they are definitely in the top five, no question. They added so many tricks and turns that my jaw was on the floor the entire time. 

The judges think they killed it and Simon even calls it worthy of the Golden Buzzer.

Detroit Youth Choir– Terry Crews Golden Buzzer 

They added rapping tonight, which is a huge risk for this point in the competition, but it kind of worked. I love them, I just worry about how they will compare with the other acts. 

The judges enjoyed it, especially the fact that they all had a moment to shine.

Emanne Beasha  –Opera singer – Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer

She once again reminds me of Jackie Evancho. She is so sweet and angelic and just one day shy of her 11th birthday. Even if she doesn’t win, I hope it is a happy day for her. 

Julianne compares her to an angel, as does Gabrielle. Howie and Simon agree that she is incredible. 

Ryan Niemiller – Comedian

He jokes about not having hands and living in a trailer. He has such a great self deprecating sense of humor. I just love him.

The judges love him so much that Gabrielle and Simon both plead for him to get a TV or movie deal. 

Voices of Service  – Military Choir

I am teary from the time they read letters from fellow vets until they sing their very last note. Their voices are incredible, they are inspirational and they are all around what we need in the world right now. 

The judges think they bring people hope and joy with their powerful voices. Simon thinks they might win it all. 

Light Balance Kids  – Light and Dance group – Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer 

Their fast food theme is…..different, but somehow with these kids it works. The French fry confetti made it for me. The whole thing was fun and creative. 

Howie thinks they belong in Vegas, while the others agree they did their best performance to date. 

Benicio Bryant – Singer 

Awe, this has been his dream since he began watching as a little kid. He was a year old when the show premiered, which makes me feel very old. As for his performance, he sounds good and it is obvious how much this means to him. I hope he makes it to the top five, but my worry is he might get lost in the shuffle with all the other talent out there.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa —Violinist—Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer 

He does Survivor by Destiny’s Child, which is fitting, given the fact that he is, indeed, a survivor. As always, he impresses me and I love his attitude and determination. However, I also worry about him getting lost in the shuffle. With so many good acts tonight, it is hard to tell who will make it to the top five and even harder to guess who will win. However, win or lose, I’d pay to see him perform. 

It is also awesome Beyoncé gave him personal permission to do this song.  The judges love him and think he has a real shot of taking it all. Simon is so proud his golden buzzer act did so well. 

Kodi Lee – Singer/pianist – Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer 

WOW… always, I am crying watching him. Everything about this kid is inspirational and beautiful. I think this performance was his best to date. I miss the name of the song, but he could probably sing anything and I would fall in love. My guess is that he will win. However, win or lose, he is an inspiration and will go far in his music career.

The judges are blown away and love him. They find him inspirational and worth winning the million dollars. 

Ndlovu Youth Choir  – Youth choir 

What a way to end the night! Their voices are better than ever and they nail this song like nobody’s business. They definitely made it to the top five, no question. This is another act I am willing to break out the Visa card for, either in Vegas or if they go on tour where I live. 

The judges encourage everyone to vote and think that this is their best performance to date. Simon also thinks this is the best finale he has ever seen and this was a good way for it to end.

Stay tuned for the finale!

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