Cleaning Out My Closet

People of my generation might see the title of this post and think of that Eminem song from about sixteen years ago, but this post is about literally cleaning out my closet. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am preparing to move soon and that means packing, cleaning and getting rid of things.

Of course, this leads to the title….cleaning out my closet. As I was going though my things, I realized that I am a bit of….I’ll be blunt. A pack rat. I have clothes from my college days (which actually still fit, but that’s besides the point.) and clothes that were WAY past their expiration date. There are also shoes that are falling apart and boxes of miscellaneous things I haven’t used since Bush #2 was in office. It’s crazy, overwhelming and driving me up a wall……what is a girl to do?

I decided to keep it simple an just let things go. The sweaters that are falling apart? GONE. Those boots with the soles falling off. In the trash. (Okay, this one hurt….they were a clearance pair of designer boots and having them fall apart broke my heart.) Boxes are slowly being gone through and I am tossing out what I no longer need.

You might have gotten this far in the post and be thinking ‘Sammi, you threw things out, who cares?’ However, the issue is that I have problems with letting things go. I hold on to things in case I may need them someday, which causes me to become overwhelmed with clutter and things I no longer need.

Luckily, my girl Jenny of Chaos 2 Calm once again rescued me. She recently posted about letting go of things that no longer serve us and how by trusting that we will be provided for, we can once again get what we need. While I might regret getting rid of those boots I loved, I know that when my budget permits, I can buy another pair, perhaps one I like even better. Those boxes full of junk? If I haven’t used any of the things by now, chances are, it isn’t going to happen, so why hold on to them?

Will I need any of these things in the future? Maybe, but by asking for help in getting them (you never know who has what and is willing to share….this is actually how I ended up with my microwave.) If nobody has/can help me with what I need, then I can simply buy it again. The point is, cleaning out the closet is a process that must be done. Items can be replaced if needed, but there is no point in keeping things that no longer serve us. The lack of clutter leads to more space and less stress, making things better all around.

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