The Bachelor: Recap for 1/27/2020

The Bachelor continues with Alayah-gate. She was apparently public enemy #1, causing Peter to send her home. The girls continue to trash talk her and discuss the drama with Chris Harrison.

However, there is no time to worry about her….because they are off to CLEVELAND! Their reaction reminds me of the pilot episode of Hot in Cleveland….minus Betty White. Can we get her on the show? I can totally see her giving advice and sass to these girls. 

Date Card!! Victoria F is on the date, with the clue ‘love soars to new heights.’ They go exploring and he promises her a surprise later. They go on rides, kiss and she freaks out a bit on the fast rides….not gonna lie, I would as well. 

They also enjoy beer in a diner, followed by a concert by Chase Rice, who happens to be her ex boyfriend. To her credit, she tries to have fun…..but how is it their own concert with a million other people there?

She then opens up to a producer, while Peter talks to Chase. All righty then. The she talks to him and I feel secondhand embarrassment. 

At dinner, Victoria finally confesses everything to Peter….and it is more secondhand embarrassment. She takes a breather, they talk it out, kiss it out and she gets a rose. 

Date Card 2!! Victoria P, Kiarra, Kelley, Deandra, Madison, Lexi,  Natasha, Shiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Savannah and MyKenna are on this date with the clue ‘let’s tackle love together.’ They meet several members of the Cleveland Browns, who teach them how to play football. 

Victoria P cannot play due to a back issue, so she coaches with Peter and gets a massage. The game ends in a tie, making the yellow team happy, the pink team mad and Natasha promising to let Shiann get first dibs at Peter because she played the hardest during the game. 

The cocktail party consists of mingling, making out and the return of Alayah. The girls are ‘shookith to the core’ by this new turn of events. 

Alayah tells Peter she doesn’t feel like she had a fair chance and he says he is confused about her relationship with Victoria P. He then questions the both of them only to find out Victoria was hiding their friendship. She cries and says she wants to share more.

Alayah and Victoria P hug it out and Peter makes them talk things out. Yet they fight some more. ::headdesk:: 

Peter has some one on one time with Alayah and decides she should stay. He ends up giving her a rose. The other girls are angry. 

Alayah says she knows Kelsey has the date tomorrow and the Victoria F drama because ‘the internet knows everything.’

Date Card 3!! Kelsey is on this date.  He tells her by Alayah returning and she says she would rather have him explore this now than before he chooses her at the end….if that is his choice.

They go exploring, eat, dance and play games. At dinner, they open up about their pasts and families and she gets a rose. They kiss under the fireworks.

That date was awfully quick!

Victoria F is mad Alayah told about her ex boyfriend being on her date, making Alayah Public Enemy #1 again. The two of them fight over it and the drama continues. 

At the cocktail party, Victoria P says she is frustrated with him and brings up Alayah again. The girls keep attacking Alayah for bringing up stuff she learned while off the show. 

Alayah talks to Peter and he tries to figure out the reason why they all hate her. 

The girls debate about what is happening….but we will find out happens next week. 

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