The Bachelor Recap for 2/3/2020

The Bachelor continues with more fighting and Peter pulling Alayah aside for a chat. Seriously, what did this girl do wrong? They all seem to be acting and full of drama. 

He says she is amazing and he feels a connection with her, but wants her to leave because he can’t put her through any more of this. OK, that is kind of harsh. Send Victoria P home, she is the one who lied. She agrees it is too much, but still. 

He says it is rough and she is in tears. He want the girls to trust him, but what I want to know is…can he trust them? He kept a girl who lied to him and most of these girls cause a ton of drama.He seems to connect more with Alayah, in my opinion. Was she acting for the cameras? Maybe, but so were the other girls….so it is a case if the pot calling the kettle black.

He gives the girls a speech about this being tough and….yeah, it seems to contradict what he told Alayah.

He then talks to Natasha to apologize, who says she never had a problem with Alayah, but glad he moved on. 

The same apology goes to the other girls and it is kind of annoying. He’s basically throwing her under the bus now. He should have just let it go. 

Tammy threatens to set the building on fire if she doesn’t get a rose and girl….it is not that serious. 

Finally….a rose ceremony. Victoria F and Kelsey have roses. Alayah had one, but was sent home. 

Roses go to: 





Hannah Ann



Victoria P


Final rose tonight: 


Deandra, Kiarra and Savannah are eliminated. Whomever they may be. I think they spoke a total of ten words between the three of them all season.


The girls arrive and Peter arrives in a helicopter. He has a scar because he apparently got hurt while exploring. He locked eyes with a puma and did what had to be done….but he is joking. He ran into a golf cart and hit himself in the head with a glass.

Sydney has the first date, which makes the other girls jealous. They make out in a helicopter and have a picnic. Their conversation is boring, so I tune out. She is apparently the best kisser….but can’t tell anyone. 

They have dinner and talk about life. She gets a rose and they make out in the waterfalls. 

Kelsey and Hannah Ann discuss their insecurities about being with Peter and his relationship with other girls.  Kelsey also cries to the other girls and ends up annoying everyone. 

Date Card: Everyone except Kelley is on this date, which means she has the one on one. 

The group date is a swimsuit shoot for Cosmo. The winner gets to be on the cover of March’s issue with Peter. 

After some pictures, Victoria F wins the honor. 

She also gets the first post shoot one on one time with him where he wishes her a happy birthday and makes out with her.

Then he makes out with Hannah Ann.

Kelsey gets more insecure as Peter makes out with other girls. She tells him she is in love and he says he keeps thinking of her and feeling this….and they make out. 

The girls voice their concerns about Kelsey being fake and calling them fake. He talks to her about it and she says she was processing her feelings. He warns her that this won’t get any easier. 

She calls the girls out, leading to a fight. They all attack her on her actions and she tries to defend herself, which causes more tears and anger from everyone. 

It is SO not worth recapping. Imagine a of screaming, whining and crying. 

Hannah Ann gets the rose.

Kelley goes into her one on one confused about her feelings for Peter. 

They do some sort of ritual thing which is similar to what we saw on some past Bachelor in Paradise episode. I don’t remember the couple who did it, but it is familiar.

They both seem confused about their feelings….so they do a trust exercise. 

Is this a date or summer camp in bikinis?

Peter is worried about their connection and brings it up to her. They have a long talk and while he thinks she challenges him, he gives her a rose. She accepts and they make out in a waterfall.

At the house, Kelsey and Tammy fight about Tammy tattling to Peter about Kelsey. Tammy then tattles to the other girls….but not before she calls out Kelsey for her drinking problem.

Kelsey then talks to Peter about it and he seems sympathetic. She then tattles that Tammy is spreading rumors that she has a drinking problem. He wants someone as much as he wants her….and that is what he got from all of this?

He randomly comes up with a rose and gives it to Kelsey after they make out.

She then shows the rose off to the girls. 

Everyone is PISSED going into the cocktail party. However, there is no cocktail party, just a rose ceremony. Chris Harrison tells them that. Peter got the clarity he needed and there is no need for a cocktail party. 

However, before we get to that, Kelsey and Tammy fight some more. They girls all gang up on Kelsey because they think it is her fault there is no cocktail party. It comes out that Tammy told some girls and Peter  she drank too much and popped pills and then TAMMY gets called out. (BTW, Kelsey is on birth control and Adderall.) the girls continue to fight and the girls agree there is no need to have told Peter anything. 

Tammy is now Public Enemy #1 and she and Sydney almost come to blows….and somehow Alayah is brought up even though she isn’t even there and never did anything.However, she is brought up for being brought up to Peter. 

Now it is a crazy show. Everyone is crying and screaming and all around angry. It is hard to keep up as to who is angry and whom or why. 

Rose ceremony:

Kelsey, Kelley, Sydney and Hannah Ann have roses. 

Before we get to the ceremony, Tammy asks to talk to Peter. Then MyKenna interrupts them. 

Lexi snarks that she should interrupt because this is now a cocktail party. Now MyKenna is Public Enemy #2. 

Finally the real rose ceremony begins.

Victoria F



Victoria P


Final Rose tonight:


Lexi and Shiann are sent home…..but not before Shiann warns him that some girls aren’t what they seem.


More Wednesday! Stay tuned. 

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