The Biggest Loser: Recap for 2/11/2020

It is week three of USA Network’s The Biggest Loser. Last week, Phi went home and went on to lose more weight and continue her journey to a healthier life. 

Erica talks to her team about working up to their potential. 

Everyone also gives Kim a surprise birthday party, which is sweet. She is so touched and appreciates not only their love,but the opportunity to use this birthday to jumpstart her healthier life. 

The teams both work out at the gym. Jim quips that the kids he coaches are probably laughing at him right now.

Erica reminds them that IMPOSSIBLE spells out I’M POSSIBLE! 

Kristi talks about not having enough food as a kid and obsessing over food as a result. She also wants to try for another baby, but needs to become healthier. 

Micah talks about how he feels like a failure, so Steve tells him these failures are setting up for something better. He just has to allow himself to change his way of thinking. 

Bob surprises everyone with a BBQ, but not before they gather the firewood. They need to carry 500 lbs up 60 stairs. The first team to complete it wins a 4 lb advantage at the weigh in. 

The blue team wins!

At the BBQ, they discuss alternate foods,including guacamole, mustard and fruit. They also discuss portion control and eating a healthy meal or snack beforehand to avoid overeating. 

Bob talks to the contestants about relationships and if they are feeling supported. It is sweet how well they get along. I also like how Jim and Kyle bond and learn from each other. 

Kim admits this helps, but she is worried that she might not have the same support at home. 

At the last chance workout, Erica and Steve push everyone, while also trying to encourage them and bond. 

Katarina and Erica bonding makes me cry!

Kim: 227-4=223 lbs and 1.76%

Katarina: 270-5=265 lbs and 1.85%

Jim: 350-10=340 lbs and 2.86%

Kyle: 282-6=276 lbs and 2.13%

Megan: 268-6=262 lbs and 2.24%

Teri: 239–7=232 lbs and 2.93%

Delores: 263-5=258 lbs and 1.90%

Kristi: 245-4=241 lbs and 1.63%

Micah: 305-7=298 lbs and 2.30%

Dom: 302-4=298 lbs and 1.32%

Dom is below the yellow line and is going home. Erica blames herself. Dom says he has more confidence and is under 300 lbs. Bob says this is a big deal and gives him a nutritionist, support group and Planet Fitness membership. He also has the chance to win the at home prize.

Bob says next week they can video chat with their loved ones.

UPDATE! Dom is able to play with his daughter more and in a better place mentally. No weight loss update was given.

More next week. Stay tuned.

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