The Bachelor Recap For 3/10/2020

THE BACHELOR - "The Bachelor: Season Finale Part 2" - Peter and Madison discuss where they left off in the hot seat during the second night of the live special, season finale event of "The Bachelor," TUESDAY, MARCH 10 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/John Fleenor) MADISON, PETER WEBER

Tonight is part two of The Bachelor finale on ABC. When we last left Peter, he was on a date with a very confused Hannah Ann,  who had no clue Madi self eliminated. She just senses something is wrong.  Peter’s mom Barbara wants him to bring Hannah Ann home, although he is in love with Madi. However, Barbara doesn’t like Madi. 

Confused? You won’t be a the end of The Bachelor finale. 

We open with Chris Harrison saying no one knows anything. Kelley is there for some odd reason. So is Neil Lane…with a briefcase. Is he here for the show or Deal or No Deal?

Peter goes over everything in his mind and is as confused as ever. However, now he is in love with Hannah Ann and will choose her every single day? He FaceTimes her dad to get his blessing, so there is that.

Hannah Ann is getting ready and in love, but she is confused over how he feels. It bothers her that he feels this way and wants someone who is there for her 100%. 

Now she wants to leave? 

Chris meets with Peter and tells him that she might not come. He feels like he is going to pass out and goes to rest.

HANNAH ANN IS BACK! He gives her a speech about how much he loves her and good news…Madi is gone! I love you, will you marry me?


He goes to tell his family he is engaged to Hannah Ann. They freak out and are thrilled about getting a new family member. She FaceTimes with them to celebrate. 

In real time, Peter comes out to give Chris an update. We get a look at their visit together in LA…..and it is awkward. He loves her but he is struggling. She tells him she is giving him so much with nothing in return and that is not a relationship. He keeps saying he can’t give her  what she wants and she lays it into him for breaking her heart, her trust and ruining her engagement. She walks away in tears. 

Then….she basically tells him where to shove the ring and gives him an epic smackdown. She then leaves and gave him THE HAND! THE HAND! 

He tells Chris that he could not give her what she wanted. 

Hannah Ann comes out and she looks FIERCE. She calls him out on his bs and what he said and did was not okay. GOOD FOR YOU, HANNAH ANN, YOU GO HANNAH ANN. AND NONE FOR PETER WEBER!

He tries to apologize, but blames it on the whole Madi situation. She tells him this is BS and he downplayed everything. WOW, she is giving it to him with both barrels. Dang, girl! You tell him!

She then says the first red flag was when Hannah Brown came back….and that there were three women in their engagement. Then she tells him she better learn how to be a man if he wants a real relationship.

We then see Chris meet with Madi to tell her what is going on and Peter has no idea he is there. She says there are still feelings, but she isn’t sure where his head is at. Chris says he still loves her and this is her second chance. 

We cut to the two of them reuniting and discussing what happened and how those feelings are still there. 

However, they haven’t seen each other since then. Peter tells Chris he is still in love with Madison….who joins them on stage. They decide to take things one step at a time.

Barb says they didn’t connect with Madi. She says she also made them wait three hours to meet them and wouldn’t accept a proposal, nor say she was in love with him.

Madi makes no apologies for what happened and how she acted and Peter says they acted out of a place of love. However, he wants them to give Madi a chance. 

Barb still isn’t having it and makes it clear she isn’t about Madi, who says this is her journey too. Barb says there is no way it is going to work, and he needs to fail to succeed. Peter Senior agrees. 

Peter and Madi both say they love each other and it should be enough. 

Clare comes out as the new Bachelorette. She looks fantastic and has a new found confidence. We get to see a clip of her breakup with Juan Pablo and I remember why I love her. It all begins for her May 18th!


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