Sequential Body: Meet Emilie Perz

Emilie Perz is a yoga teacher who is using her talents to help people during this trying, uncertain times. She works at rehabilitation centers, does teacher training for holistic, anatomy and medication programs and much more. Now she has an online program that live streams her classes during the pandemic. It helps them take care of themselves and keep up their practices while stuck at home. She has been into this kind of lifestyle from a very young age and is thrilled to have a chance to share it with others in a modern, approachable way.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, she says that she was used to having packed classes and that did not change when she switched to teaching online. She knew so many people were doing similar programs, so it was a challenge to get things started and stand out. However, Emilie was able to set herself apart by including everyone who was in her classes and by holding the classes at a specific time each day.

Emilie says doing this program also has its rewards! She is happy she is able to help them find their own joy and good in their lives, especially since so many people are facing uncertainty.

She made sure it was accessible to everyone, by making it free for a week and then only charging $20 a month. She also archives the classes, so that people can go back to them and use them to their heart’s content.

Although she is the one teaching, she plans on having other doctors come in and give special talks in the future. Keep coming back to see what she has to offer.

Classes can be found on!

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