We are going to take a break from football for a bit to focus on what is happening now….the World Series! Last night, we found out that the New York Mets are one of the teams playing this year after sweeping the Chicago Cubs. I wanted the Cubs to make it because of Back To The Future, but the New Yorker in me is still happy. 

Since there is going to be a lot of baseball in the news soon, I figured it was appropriate to do a series on baseball terms. Today we will focus on the core positions. As a side note, I actually knew what these were all by myself! Maybe there is hope for me after all!

Pitcher: This person’s job is to throw the ball in a way that makes it difficult for the batter to hit. He should be able to throw fast pitches, but focus more on control so he can throw as many strikes as possible.  He must remain cool under pressure, especially when throwing strikes behind in the count or when players are on bases.

Every time I see a pitcher I think of this little gem:



Catcher: This is the only player facing their teammates. The catcher’s job is to  handle the pitcher, keep track of balls and strikes, remind the other players about the number of outs, set the defense, and back up 1st base on every infield play. they also have a good throwing arm, which comes into play when bases can be stolen.

Since he is keeping track of things and reminding people of the number of outs, he is like The Count on Sesame Street?

Join me next time for more sports lessons.

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