The Holidays: Food, Love and How To Deal

We are at that time of the year again….the holidays! That means decorating (which I am hopelessly behind on!), shopping (I’m about half done!) and of course, EATING! (I’ve done way too much of that already, thanks to both my jobs having parties, clients bringing in goodies and the simple fact that I enjoy good food!)

I know most of you are going to look at the title of this post, roll your eyes and think ‘Sammi is going to talk about dieting during the holidays.’  The thing is….I’m not! I may have experience working in the fitness/diet industry, but the last thing I do (or want anyone to do!) is worry about dieting during the most joyous time of the year.

That being said, I’m not going to say that you should eat an entire plate of cookies or drink a whole bottle of wine. I’m simply saying, just enjoy the food. More likely than not, you don’t eat huge meals and pig out on desserts 24/7/365, so if you eat more than usual, don’t fret about it! You can always eat healthier the next day (I’m sure you’re not partying every single night!) and stay active. Pigging out during the holidays is normal and to be expected.

My advice is to focus less on eating and more on being present in the lives of those you are with. Most of us are reuniting with loved ones during this time. Instead of worrying that you had one too many cookies, focus on spending time with your cousin’s new baby or catching up with your grandparents. This is a time to be with loved ones, a time to be happy. Remember that when you are with those you love. Cherish the time you have together. The diet can wait, but time with loved ones is precious and should be the main focus this holiday season.

Enjoy the holidays!

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