30 Day Food Challenge Round 2, Day 1

I decided to do another 30 Day Challenge when it comes to food. I’ve been pretty good this week about not buying anything out (mostly due to being broke, but also due to the fact that none of the food by my job sounds appealing anymore) and I  want to keep it up. This also includes giving up my beloved Starbucks for the time being. I don’t need the extra caffeine or calories, not to mention the $4+ for a cup of coffee really adds up. Instead, that money will go towards traveling and other fun activities.

I  just did an inventory of the food in my house and saw that I don’t even need to go shopping until next month (except for my coffee creamer) because there is plenty of food to last me the next 30 days….and enough to makes variety of  meals.

Meal number one is very basic.  Good old pasta and tomato sauce! I was able to use some of my fresh garlic and make enough food to last a  few meals. The leftover sauce can also be used to make another meal as well.

I will be posting a list of foods I have in the house over the coming days, as well as recipes. I look forward to once again saving money and being creative when it comes to food.

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