Friendship: Reuniting After Being Out of Touch

Does anyone remember the show Brotherly Love from the nineties? It starred the Lawrence Brothers and followed the story of a young man reuniting with his brothers after being estranged from some time. I may or may not have been obsessed with the show and may or may not have thought I was going to marry Joey.

Anyway, for some reason the show and it’s catchy theme song popped into my head today. While the show and song were completely corny, it was still adorable. However, my nineties obsession was NOT the reason why this show got me into such a contemplative mood. The reason had more to do with the relationship being rebuilt between the brothers and the theme song lyrics: (found on

Been long time out of touch
In the end it don’t mean much
‘Cause I am still connected to you
You’ve been out there on your own
Maybe feeling all alone
But deep inside, I thought that you knew

No matter where, you are
A part of me will always be with you
No matter where, you are
A part of you will always be with me too

Anyway, this really got me thinking about friendships. Like everyone else, I have had friends come in and out of my life. Some are there for a season, but everyone is there for a reason. However, there is nothing more special than friends who are there for you no matter what or those who you may lose touch with and when reunited, you can pick up right where you left off.

The latter truly means a lot in the sense that you know they are always meant to be in your life, no matter how much time you may be out of touch. It is a gift to be treasured and appreciated and one that is rare. While I appreciate every single person in my life, the ones who come back to me hold a special place in my life. This is because I know that there is a special connection that will keep us in each other’s lives, despite the twists and turns that may occur. These are friendships I truly treasure and hold close to my heart because I know these friends are the rare ones that I will always have with me. always


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