Memes, Men and Meanness….WHY?

I’ve posted about this topic before, but it bears repeating. I am a fan of Instagram and Facebook memes and giggle at them as much as the next person, but there is a very sad, disturbing trend that is really beginning to upset me. For some reason, especially on Instagram, I constantly see posts where they imply men are jerks, dogs and don’t care about their partners if they don’t constantly shower them with attention. They also imply that men are cheaters, only after sex and more or less moral-less jerks. 

The truth is, while there are men like this, most of them are quite the opposite. Not every man cheats, not every man is trying to get into your pants, not every man ‘isn’t all that into you’ just because he isn’t in constant contact. Yes, if you haven’t been in contact for awhile, then by all means, take the hint, but truthfully, he may be busy, intimidated or think you aren’t interested and therefore not bothering to keep in contact. Maybe he is nervous and fears rejection just like you. Perhaps he feels the same way you do about being in contact. Reach out….don’t sound needy or desperate about it, but by all means, reach out and say hi. Chances are, he will respond. If not, then fine, but reaching out not only takes pressure off him, but it shows you’re thinking of him.

The ones about men only looking for sex/imply men cheat also burn me up. The truth is, in my 36 years on this planet, I can count on one hand how many men I know who cheat or have cheated. Most of them might want to get laid, but not all of them are actively going to try and get in your pants. To me, assuming this is the equivalent of assuming a female is a slut because she has a lot of male friends or dresses in a certain way. It’s just as wrong to make these assumptions and makes you no better than those people. A man may talk to you in a bar, but it does NOT always mean he is looking for a hookup. Sure, men like that exist, but I feel like they are few and far between. 

My point is, stop assuming, treat men better and realize they aren’t all bad. 

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