Expectations In Life

I often see people post on Facebook (or say in general) to do things without expectations and you will never be disappointed. I agree…to a point.

For example, if I buy my friend coffee one day, I don’t expect them to buy me coffee next time….nor will I be disappointed if they don’t buy me coffee. (However, I also do not expect them to take advantage of my kindness and expect me to buy coffee every time, but that is another story.)

On the other hand, I expect certain things from people, whether its family, friends, coworkers, men I’m dating….etc. That is respect, courtesy and honesty. I would argue that yes, you are disappointed if this is not returned, but in the sense that people not giving you this are showing their true colors.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with expecting RESPECT, COURTESY AND HONESTY. I give it and expect it in return because I believe in the golden rule of treating people how you want to be treated. It does disappoint me that people don’t return it, because it shows me that they think so little of me to give me something so basic.

While it is easy to say to not expect these things, it is impossible because it is something we were taught to do at a young age. The truth is,  some people may lie, disrespect you or disappoint you. That is life. However, it can actually be a blessing because you know that they are not the kinds of people you want or need in your life. Seeing their true colors may hurt, but it shows who your true friends are in the end.


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