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Sleep Cycle is a wonderful new app that is popular amongst athletes who need the best rest they can get while in training….or even when they’re on a break. Here is more information about it.

What does it take to become one of the world’s most elite athletes? Hard work, determination…and good sleep.

Popular health and wellness app, Sleep Cycle, uncovered some key benefits of how a good, regular night’s sleep can improve an athlete’s performance:

·        A well-rested athlete has the capacity to make fewer mistakes.

·        Adequate amounts of sleep also provide a faster reaction time.

·        Accuracy – for example, as the baseball season progresses and tiredness levels increase, pitching and batting accuracy levels tend to fall. Good sleeping habits can minimize this deterioration.

·        Studies have shown that athletes with better sleep and resting

habits suffer less injuries.

Noteworthy athletes who prioritize their sleep schedules include:

·        Serena Williams, reached her tenth Wimbledon final only 10 months after giving birth – a fact she partly puts down to her unwavering commitment to regular sleep routines, high quality mattresses and pillows and regular daytime naps.

·        New England Patriots legend Tom Brady likes his 8 hours, going to bed during the season at 8:30pm (often before his kids) and rising at 5:30 am – and at 39 years of age and still at the peak of his powers, he would seem to have found the perfect sleeping method.

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