Celebrity Spotlight: Cory Oliver

Cory Oliver is easily one of my favorite people in show business. She has a heart of gold, a winning smile and personality for days. She is known for her acing and writing, but is also adding

The Beverly Hills Pawn alum is is now also the co-owner (with her longtime best friend) of Beverly Hills Balm, which is an all natural cosmetics line. It began as a lip balm company, but is now expanding into featuring more beauty products. The two had wanted to work together for a long time, so when her show ended, they decided it was as good a time as any.

In a recent interview with our sister site TVGrapevine, she was inspired to make the initial balm thanks to her own addiction to lip balms. She decided to go back to basics and use as many natural ingredients as possible. They began working in her kitchen, finally coming up with a product that they loved.

The biggest challenge was trying to find ingredients that worked together. They wanted to avoid water in order to prevent molding, so they found alternative ingredients that worked well together. The balm comes in two different shimmers and can be used for other things, such as split ends and hangnails. The goal is to come up with more products and expand the line in the future.

In addition, she is working on two more movies and hosting a new show. One of the movies will have one of her longtime friends, but you will need to tune in to see his identity.

Cory will continue to succeed in all she does, not only because of her hard work, but because of her passion for all she does. She truly shines when she works and it makes her an inspiration for people everywhere to chase after their dreams.

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