Freeletics Talks Covid-19 Fitness Trends

Covid-19 has changed our lives  in many ways, including how we stay fit. Since gyms have been closed or slow to open, people are finding new ways to exercise.

Freeletics did a study on this very topic and found that many people are working out at home by doing yoga or using equipment purchased for the home. Here are some of their findings.

64% of Americans are now more interested in at-home fitness options; Men felt more intimidated at the gym

  • 72% found it easier to maintain their fitness routine while working out at home during quarantine.
  • 41% of those who used a fitness app during quarantine did so for the very first time and over half (56%) now feel so confident in their home workouts that they plan to cancel their gym memberships.
  • The average American used two fitness apps and took four online fitness classes during lockdown.
  • 65% of men and 55% of women claimed they are often intimidated when working out at the gym, whereas 65% of respondents said working out at home alone during lockdown has now been a confidence booster.

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