Dancing With The Stars 31 Most Memorable Year Recap

Tonight is Most Memorable Year Night on Dancing With The Stars!


Celebrity: Trevor Donovan

Claim to Fame: Hallmark star

Pro: Emma Slater

Most Memorable Year: 2009–getting cast in 90210

Dance: Jazz

Song: Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Sammi: it was by far his best dance so far. He completely nailed it and really put his all into the entire performance.

Len: It had more control and his best dance so far.

Derek: It was a job well done.

Bruno: He went for it without fear.

Carrie Ann:it made her cry.

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32/40




Celebrity: Shangela

Claim to Fame: Ru Paul Drag Queen Star

Pro: Gleb Savchenko

Most Memorable Year: 2013: The year Shangela’s leg broke in an accident. Shangela’s mom was there the entire time.

Dance: Foxtrot

Song: Roar by Katy Perry

Sammi: WOW. Shangela has been a diva in the ballroom but now Shangela is a superstar beyond belief. From the moment Shangela, Gleb and mom all hugged to the beauty of the dance, I was in tears.

Derek: He loved the emotional range of the dance.

Bruno: He offers some advice, but loved it overall.

Carrie Ann: It was a very different, beautiful performance.

Len: It was lovely and moved beautifully across the floor.

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32/40


Celebrity: Jessie James Decker

Claim to Fame: Country star

Pro: Alan Bersten

Most Memorable Year: 2014: Becoming a mommy


Dance: Tango

Song: Blue Jeans by Jessie James Decker

Sammi: The dance seemed to go by quickly, but it seemed to have a sweetness and emotion to it that I loved.

Bruno: Once she got going it was spot on.

Carrie Ann: She stepped into the game tonight.

Len: There was a good amount of sharp tango with attack.

Derek: She sold it, especially in the second half.

Scores: 7-7-8-7=29/40


Celebrity: Gabby Windey

Claim to Fame: Bachelorette star

Pro: Val Chmerkovskiy

Most Memorable Year: 2020: Being an ICU nurse during the pandemic

Dance: Foxtrot

Song: If The World Should Ever Stop by JP Cooper

Sammi: She is such an unsung hero in this world…..the dance itself is gorgeous, but the emotion is what makes it stand out and the story is what makes her memorable.

Carrie Ann: She thanks her for all she has done and wants her to pour it out even more.

Len: It was lovely and lyrical.

Derek: It was graceful and effortless.

Bruno: She is flying high.

Scores: 9-9-9-9=36/40




Celebrity: Joseph Baena

Claim to Fame: Fitness Model

Pro: Daniella Karagach

Most Memorable Year: 2022: The year he decided to finally listen to himself and live his dreams.

Dance: Rumba

Song: My Way by Frank Sinatra

Sammi: This is by far his best dance of the season. It is beautiful, emotional and shows how he has grown as a dancer.

Len: This is his best dance of the season.

Derek: It was a beautiful, pure rumba.

Bruno: It was a touching dance.

Carrie Ann: It was one of the best rumbas she has seen by a male on this show.

Scores: 9-8-9-8=34/40


Celebrity: Daniel Durant

Claim to Fame: CODA star

Pro: Britt Stewart

Most Memorable Year: 2019: When he started shooting CODA

Dance: Contemporary

Song: Both Sides Now from the CODA soundtrack

Sammi: Seeing Gabe sign the song was a beautiful touch……the dance was so moving and beautiful, I cannot stop crying.

Derek: He didn’t miss a beat and he loved the storytelling.

Bruno: He felt as if he was a part of the dance.

Carrie Ann:This is one of his best dances and she loved the addition of the ASL.

Len: He loved the gentleness and connection.

Scores: 8-8-9-9=34/40




Celebrity: Jordin Sparks

Claim to Fame: American Idol winner

Pro: Brandon Armstrong

Most Memorable Year: 2017: When she met her husband.

Dance:  Salsa

Song: Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge and RUN

Sammi: She is so sassy and fun tonight. Her dancing is improving, but she also is bringing her personality like nobody’s business! WOOT!

Bruno: It was a spicy routine.

Carrie Ann: She took ownership of every movement.

Len: She danced with confidence and sold it.

Derek: There wasn’t enough content, but he liked it.

Scores: 8-8-8-9=33/40


Celebrity: Charli D’Amelio

Claim to Fame: TikTok star

Pro: Mark Ballas

Most Memorable Year: 2022: Coming to terms with being herself and dealing with her anxiety.

Dance: Contemporary

Song: When The Party’s Over by Lewis Capaldi

Sammi: I cannot even recap this….it speaks to all of us with anxiety….it was the most moving, powerful performance and may have gotten her to the finals. I said what I said.

Carrie Ann: It was a powerful, perfect dance.

Len:It was intricate and brilliant.

Derek: It was a stunning, physical representation of a feeling….and full pf maturity.

Bruno: It was heart wrenching and powerful.

Scores: 10-9-10-10=39/40


Celebrity: Vinny Guadagnino

Claim to Fame: Jersey Shore star

Pro: Koko Iwasaki

Most Memorable Year: 2009: When Jersey Shore premiered

Dance: Jazz

Song: Levels by Avicii

Sammi: This is his breakthrough! WOOT WOOT! This has VINNY written all over it and I am here for it all!

Len: It was a job well done.

Derek: He is one of his favorites of the season.

Bruno: He loved it!

Carrie Ann: He is the reason why people love this show.

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32/40


Celebrity: Heidi D’Amelio

Claim to Fame: Reality star

Pro: Artem Chigvintsev

Most Memorable Year: 1997: Moving to NYC

Dance: Rumba

Song: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Lauryn Hill

Sammi: The song remix is a bit distraction, but the dance is gorgeous….she seems to really be gaining confidence and letting to where she can she can really be herself. You got this, girl!

Derek: She is improving and he is glad she is listening to the judges.

Bruno: She was sensual and sophisticated.

Carrie Ann: She is growing as a dancer and her posture is amazing.

Len: There was a romance about the whole thing.

Scores: 9-9-9-9=36/40




Celebrity: Wayne Brady

Claim to Fame: Actor and Host

Pro: Witney Carson

Most Memorable Year: 2003: When his daughter was born

Dance: Foxtrot

Song: Beautiful by Jim Brickman and Wayne Brady

Sammi: My sister and her husband had this song during their picture montage at their wedding….so now I am crying.It was beautiful and his daughter being there made it even more special.

Bruno: He thought it was a beautiful moment to represent love at first sight.

Carrie Ann: It was a beautiful tribute to his daughter.

Len: It was fabulous.

Derek: He loved it.

Scores: 9-9-9-10=37/40




Celebrity: Selma Blair

Claim to Fame: TV and Film actress

Pro: Sasha Farber

Most Memorable Year: 2018: Getting her MS diagnosis

Sammi: Due to her health issues, she will need to withdraw from the competition. She does one last dance before leaving the show. Her waltz is the perfect way to end her journey on the show.


Everyone is in tears right now because Selma is such a strong, amazing woman. She is helping everyone with chronic illness feel seen. Thank you, Selma.


She gets all tens as she says goodbye.


More tomorrow, stay tuned.

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