Super Bowl LVII Snark and Highlights

Super Bowl LVII Snark and Highlights

-So it begins…..Eagles vs. Chiefs…..

-All this pre-show stuff is such a waste of time…..all I got from it so fat is that I want that pink outfit that blonde reporter is wearing.

-This tribute to the first responders who helped Damar Hamlin…..and seeing Damar himself made me cry.

-The Walter Payton Man of the Year is Dak Prescott.

-Sheryl Lee Ralph is QUEEN!!!!

Credit: USA Today

-Chris Stapleton is incredible! WOW!!!!

Credit: Getty Images

-This is going to be one interesting game.

-Eagles already got seven points right out of the gate.

-Annnnddddd the Chiefs get a touchdown…..we are barely halfway through the first quarter and already it’s a tied game.

-The commercials this year are not it…..what happened to the good ones we used to have back in the day? Even the Housewives commercial we had during the football season was more entertaining….we need more like that!

-It is time for Fun with Flags… many flags will we get during this game? We should have Jim Parsons on hand when there is a flag during the game next year.


Credit: Screenrant






-I take it back, that Clueless parody commercial was pretty cool. None of the girls have aged at all.

Credit: Pinterest

-Eagles get a touchdown with an attempt at gymnastics on the side. Seriously though, that pass to AJ Brown was seriously impressive.

-14-7 Eagles

-That meme really has nothing to do with the game, but John Adams was a fan of the Eagles, and the Eagles are playing….so yeah…..

-Another touchdown for the Chiefs! Nick Bolton was amazing! He swoops, he scores!

-We are tied once again.

-More Fun with Flags!

-Another touchdown for the Eagles… that is TWO FOR JALEN HURTS!  Good for you, Jalen Hurts, you go Jalen Hurts! And none for Gretchen Wieners, BYE!

-21-14 for the Eagles!

-Almost time for the halftime show.

-Mahomes hurt his ankle, I hope he is okay!

-Booth review time… clue what happened, but the clock was reset and everyone walked around? I am so confused.

-It is now 24-14–Eagles.


-I feel like I am watching a hybrid of a Rihanna concert/Super Mario Brothers game.

-Does the sound seem off to anyone else? I’m going to blame my TV since it was off during VPR the other day too.

-This halftime show is…..something.

-Rihanna sang allllll the hits tonight and looked gorgeous.

-It is another Chiefs touchdown!

-And another one for the Chiefs, thanks to Nick Bolton!

-Chiefs are now in the lead….27-24

-Wait….just kidding……they took it back like they are Mr. Sheffield!

-How the hell do you double catch a ball?

-Nick Bolton is KILLING IT tonight!

-This game is getting kind of boring now…..and we still have one quarter left.

-Oh, and yay for Mahomes being back.

-Field Goal….27-21 Eagles!

-Touchdown! 28-27 Chiefs!



-Ouch, out of bounds!

-Jalen got another touchdown for the Eagles and brought the teams to a TIE!!!!!

-IT’S A TIE!!!!

-WTF with this Grease/Scrubs T-Mobile commercial? I am dying laughing! Travolta can still get it, though!

-More Fun with Flags…..except this one was total BS.

-Timeout……when they show the replay of them tackling each other, it literally seems like the timeout is due to tantrums.

-Field Goal for the Chiefs, bringing them back into the lead—38-35



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