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30 Day Food Challenge Day 13

Day 13 of this challenge. Even I am surprised that I am sticking with it. Usually at this point I would have given up,gone food shopping or ordered takeout. I’m not going to lie,I did get food one day, but that was for one meal and only because I was working late. I ended up cooking that day anyway, so I did stick with it for the most part.

Anyway, tonight I was faced with the temptation of ordering food. My brother and I had gone to the gym tonight after work and were contemplating our food choices. Since he lives across the street from me,it is not unusual for us (the two of us and his wife) to get food together. I was SO tempted to get Chinese food because I have been craving sesame chicken since reading Andi Dorfman’s two books. However, we both decided to save our money and eat at our respective homes and have a meal together over the weekend. As hard as it was, I am. So happy I did not give into the temptation.

So what did I end up making, you ask? I actually ended up heating up the rest of the spinach pasta from last night. However, there wasn’t much left since I didn’t make as much as I thought I had last night. I then remembered I defrosted some chicken wings, so I tossed them into my air fryer with some spices and within minutes,I had a great meal!

Tomorrow night is another late night, so stay tuned for another challenge meal!

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