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30 Day Food Challenge: Day 14

I have been doing this challenge for TWO WEEKS! As I mentioned, before, it has not been easy, but I am slowly but surely learning ways to make meals out of random stuff in my kitchen and stretching out my food budget. In short, I now know how to get more bang for my buck and feel less tempted to go impulse shopping for food or takeout.

Tonight is another late night for me due to work, transcribing and doing interviews for both this site and our sister site TVGrapevine. Luckily, I had part of the morning off, so I was  able to plan ahead.

I  have the second half of the rice left over from my egg and rice dish,  along with a can of refried beans, tortillas, pepperjack cheese and hot sauce. The plan is to make some makeshift burritos. While it will be lacking some of the fixings I usually like to add to my burritos, it is still a quick, easy meal that will continue to clear out my pantry!

The meal came out delicious and only took five minutes to make.  While it doesn’t look very pretty, it is a filling, budget friendly meal.

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