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30. Day Food Challenge: Day 15

I am officially at the halfway point with this challenge. I am happy to say that as of today, I have gotten rid of several things in my house and made note of things I have yet to use. The former is good because I know what I like and will buy in the future. The latter is good because I know these items are impulse buys and I will think twice about buying them in the future.

As for tonight’s meal, I  decided to defrost a steak that I had in the freezer and had forgotten about. (Isn’t it great when you discover great food in the freezer llike this?) I also have the rest of the pepperjack cheese, potatoes and a can of green beans that I found in my cupboard. I plan on cooking the potatoes in a pan and then adding the rest of the ingredients once they are almost done. Since it is a fairly big steak, this will last me for a couple of meals. It is perfect  for this cold day and pretty healthy to boot!


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